12 Sep 2016


Gemini, European Tour

I'm very happy to announce a little promotional tour on next autumn! Below the dates:
19th Oct - Frollein Langner Berlin;
20th Oct Barkett Berlin;
24th Nov Sounds Jazz Club Bruxelles
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01 Mar 2016

Gemini, Fabrizio Savino

Federica Di Bari, Salt Peanuts

"La sensazione che scaturisce dall’ascolto di Gemini è quella di un coinvolgimento pieno, trasportati dai chorus di ogni brano in una dimensione alternativa, in cui chitarra, contrabbasso e batteria raccontano se stessi e questo mondo con una delicatezza e una bravura riservata a pochi musicisti. (...)". Read more

29 Jan 2016

Un Guitar Trio tra Jazz e Musica Elettronica

Guido Biondi, Il Fatto Quotidiano

“Un profondo conoscitore della musica jazz e classica, Fabrizio Savino è al suo terzo album (l’esordio discografico nel 2009 con Metropolitan Prints). Artista capace di creare una fusione pressoché perfetta con la musica elettronica: il risultato è un sound moderno, d’avanguardia, colto e allo stesso tempo capace di una carica emotiva presente in ciascuna delle dieci tracce di Gemini, nato con il sostegno di Puglia Sounds. (...)”. Read more


  • 01


    w/Enzo Lanzo Table Tree
    feat.Fabrizio Savino h.21.30, Alberobello

  • 21


    Fabrizio Savino & Nando Di Modugno
    MEMU Festival h.21.30, Bari

  • 05


    w/Fabio Accardi Group
    feat.Fabrizio Savino h.21.30, Cassano delle Murge

  • 31


    w/Simon Moullier 4et
    w/Savino, Alemanno, Campanale h.21.30, Andria


Fabrizio Savino is one of Italy's most interesting musicians. He posses a very personal touch and unique musical vocabulary, where passion and study are the key factors of his music.

He has shared the stage with some of the greatest artists of the jazz scene such as: Flavio Boltro, Antonello Salis, Gegè Munari, Giorgio Rosciglione, Luca Aquino, Boris Savoldelli, Tony Monaco, Raffaele Casarano, Francesco Angiuli, Vladimir Kostadinovic, Pippo Matino, Fabio Zeppetella, Luca Alemanno, Luca Bulgarelli, Nicola Angelucci, Joel Holmes, Claudio Filippini, Marco Valeri, Pietro Lussu, Giuseppe Bassi, Mirko Signorile, Giorgio Distante, Enrico Zanisi, Ermanno Baron, Henry Cook, Matteo Bortone, Giuseppe Bassi, Gaetano Partipilo and many others.

Fabrizio has played many jazz festival around Europe including: Villa Celimontana, Peperoncino Jazz Festival, Petrovac Jazz Festival, Locus, Tuscia in Jazz, Jazzit Festival, Bari in Jazz, Roccela Jonica Jazz Festival, Ronciglione Spring Festival, Locomotive Jazz Festival, Triggiano Summer Jazz Festival, Phonetica Jazz Festival, Brema Jazz Festival, Multiculturita, Jazz Festival Triggiano Winter Jazz Festival, PV6, and many others.

In 2011, Fabrizio was awarded Best Guitarist at the Jimmy Wood Award during the event of Tuscia in Jazz, and his group “Fabrizio Savino Quartet” was ranked among the first three bands. His first album Metropolitan Prints featuring Luca Aquino (Alfamusic), was released in 2009, receiving recognition in Italy and abroad.

His second album, entitled Aram (Alfamusic), was released in 2012. This recording includes the presence of some of the best musicians of the Italian jazz scene: Enrico Zanisi, Luca Alemanno e Dario Congedo, and was widely reviewed in jazz and music magazines all over the world.

In January 2016, his new album, Gemini, is released with A.MA Records. This recording marks a significant step in his artistic career where he challenges himself with one of the most difficult ensembles in music: the guitar trio, which features Luca Alemanno on double bass and Gianlivio Liberti on drums.

Born in Italy in 1981, he studied and graduated from the Percentomusica school (Rome) with some of the most important italian musicians: Fabio Zeppetella, Umberto Fiorentino, Nico Stufano, Franco Ventura, Stefano Micarelli, Massimo Moriconi, Stefano Fresi, Massimo Carrano. He also attended various masterclasses with: Joe Diorio, John Scofield, Mike Stern, Dario Deidda, Peter Bernstein.

In 2010-2011, Fabrizio attended various seminars at “Tuscia in Jazz”, studying and playing with: Kurt Rosenwinkel, Dado Moroni, Antonio Sanchez, Tony Monaco, David Liebman, Eddie Gomez, Flavio Boltro. In that same year, he also worked as assistant of Kurt Rosenwinkel during the seminars of Tuscia in Jazz. He is an endorser SAVINO CUSTOM guitars, built by the lute-maker Francesco Savino.

Previously, from 2009 to 2011, he often journeyed to New York, where he performed with American musicians as he studied with Peter Bernstein and Mike Moreno.


As Leader
Metropolitan Prints (ALFAMUSIC - 2009)
Aram (ALFAMUSIC - 2012)
Gemini (A.MA.RECORDS – 2016)
As Sideman
Have yourself merry little christmas (Single) – Chiara Civello (SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT, 2014)
Unconditioned – Alessandro Campobasso 4et (FOUR EDITION 2015)
Natural – Stefania Di Pierro feat. Nicola Conte (FAR OUT RECORDINGS, 2016), (Sideman, arranger, composer)

Popular Dates

11 Jun 2016 - F.S. Trio / Bari Jazz Festival
28 Dec 2015 - F.S. Trio / Roccella Jazz Festival
04 Jul 2015 - with Luca Aquino / OverDoors at Bari in Jazz
04 Jun 2015 - F.S. Trio / Ladisa Jazz Festival
07 May 2015 - with Adria Project / Podgorica
19-21 Jan 2015 - F.S. Trio / Rec Session Gemini
07 Oct 2014 - F.S. Trio / Alexander Platz
01 Aug 2014 - with Adria Project / Petrovac Jazz Festival
03 Aug 2014 - F.S. Trio / Locus Festival
28 Aug 2014 - F.S. Trio / Peperoncino Jazz Fest
16 May 2014 - F.S. Trio / Alghero Jazz Festival
17 May 2014 - F.S. / Masterclass, Cagliari
22 Dec 2013 - F.S. 4et / The Jazz Club, Caltagirone
17 Nov 2013 - F.S. Trio / Acquario in Jazz
22 Aug 2013 - F.S. Trio meets Flavio Boltro / PV6
08 Jun 2013 - Masterclass / Music Academy
07 Feb 2013 - Interview / Aram on RaiRadio3
26 Feb 2013 - Showcase ARAM / Feltrinelli

My Music


A.Ma Records, 2016

"[...] Gemini is direct and intimate and the listener can immediately feel Fabrizio’s complete devotion to his instrument that clearly states the distinctiveness of his music through a personal sound that is, at the same time, delicate and solid, gentle and deep. The virtuosity of his instrument never clouds his melodic development and clarity of structure. The charm of his music cannot be denied and always unveils new surprises. This is the reason why Gemini marks a departure point in Fabrizio Savino’s career, in that his capability of describing intense personal emotions continues to seduce us, ever waiting for his next surprise. [...]".


Alfa Music, 2012

"[...] Opening with Into My Mind we have that intimacy that borders on an ambient quality that allows Savino to paint lyrical portraits of tunes for the listeners imagination. The Persian release title Aram roughly translates to 'peace' or 'serenity' and is the perfect example of a harmonic exploratory for an artist to stretch out and find the lost chord, the missing progression, the melodic soul that completes not just the musician but the listener as well. A challenging recording where boundaries are pushed and comfort zones no longer exist. Melody move into a variety of odd meters and abstraction while never losing accessibility. [...]".
Brent Black, Critical Jazz

Metropolitan Prints

Alfa Music, 2009

"[...] What I immediately noticed about Fabrizio is a musical vision that let him use heterogeneous ingredients with  good taste; something that he does very well because his composer  aspects join naturally to that of instrumentalist. In the various cd tracks,  supported by very good musicians to whom I give my compliments, Fabrizio  mixes sounds and colors leaving out his influences filtrated by his own sensitivity. I suggest to listen to his cd. [...]".
Umberto Fiorentino, Italian Jazz Guitarist



Stylistically inspired by John Scofield, with excellent technique and capable of expressing a cool, seductive jazz language, Fabrizio Savino is one of the best young musician incirculation.

R. Paviglianiti

All About Jazz
The language of improvisation is well formed and his compositions have a certain freshness and originality with an eye toward the music of the new generation , the arrangements are interesting and never obvious.

F. Zeppetella

Italian Jazz Guitarist
His second work reveals great maturity in the global sound of the project and the great care in the interplay of the band as a whole. His musical education is wide: it ranges from jazz to classical to our local music. One important thing I perceived listening to the CD is that the global sound of it, from the first to the last track, is extremely homogeneous and coherent. Fabrizio is a complete musician

F. Boltro

Italian Jazz Trumpeter

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